The Beast from the East!

As the 'Beast from the East' continues to affect most of the UK, we have some top tips to keep everything under control in the home. 

TIP 1: 

Walking around all day in the snow and mud can cause chaos in the home, especially if you have small children or pets. If you're not snowed in - head down to your local hardware store to collect some waterproof mats for the front door. There are also some available on amazon. 

TIP 2: 

You're looking after the kids at home because the schools are shut - but how do you entertain them? On snow days, there's nothing better than sticking on a family film. Netflix have a 'children & family' section with a wide range to choose from. And what if you don't have a subscription? Well, you're in luck, because Netflix are offering a free month trail for new sign ups. Happy days. 

TIP 3: 

If it's cold in the house but you can't afford to blast the heat, it's time to layer up and start wearing your hat. Still not working? Try blocking any drafts with door draft stoppers (again, available at Amazon). Cold hands? Stock up on hand-warmers. 

TIP 4:

Now this one will be a favourite with environmentalists. Did you know that the breakdown of organic material produces heat? It might not make a difference if you have a big house, but for those with small flats - this eco-friendly heating trick will make a difference to your home. 

TIP 5: 

Your car is stuck in the snow and you need to get to the shops. But how? Firstly, it's important you try and remove as much snow away from the tyres as possible. Once you've done this, start in the lowest gear and try and edge back then forwards slowly. The best thing to do is not to spin the tyres. Still not working? Head down to your local hardware store and get some grit to place around the car. 

We hope these tips are helpful in the wintry conditions but remember, stay safe and if you don't need to leave the house - it's best to stay indoors. If you must head out in the car, make sure to pack a sleeping bag, food and some warm drinks. 


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